4.0 Technology in Vietnam: We may never win.

The true face of 4.0 Technology in Vietnam.
We may never win.
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Vietnamese programmers are in a mist of computing:
– We barely understand the hardware, it’s hard to learn, everyone wants to make mobile and web applications while good code need to be optimized for a certain hardware configuration, especially in the large system.
– Back-end developers are not very into the hardware too, they like to think about databases, logic, …
– Why knowing hardware is important? You make the code run faster -> more power + less hardware cost. Who stays alive at last will dominate the market. Slow code makes you need more servers = much more money to run and your company dies early
– Python is everywhere and Python is slow (Don’t get triggered, only for example, many things are slow)
– We don’t develop from the root, we wait for people who create solutions for us to apply. Then every other company can do the same. Can we beat the others by doing that?

What is the root? C++ is one of the roots.
Look at top five of cryptocurrencies (market cap) right now:
– BTC: C++
– XRP: C++
– ETH: Go/C++
– BCH: C++
– XLM: C++

That’s blockchain. Next is machine learning:
Tensorflow is written in C++. Most of deep learning frameworks are made with C++ too. If you don’t develop from C++ and only wait for features to come for your language, you’re already slow.
Top companies develop from the root to get rid of dependencies, to go faster and take shortcuts wherever possible. One of the big roots is C++.
And everything is moving to GPU now, it has more computing power than CPU.
C++ is the best language for GPU, since long ago and sticks with GPU forever. If GPU has something new, C++ always gets supported very quickly. This can’t be changed.

You want Python or C#? Wait for people who make it for you from C++. Best companies are made from C++ as much as possible for power boost and energy saving.

Not only AI is coming to GPU, everything is coming to GPU, even blockchain can run on GPU fully soon!

You create new thing, you may win. Start with C++ because everything new and revolutionary starts with C++. Learning Blockchain, AI is good for you, but chances to really shine a light is very low unless you do it differently from the crowd.

Truth: C++ in formal education is dead in Vietnam, it never lived to be honest. No schools/universities, no centers could teach you to master C++. You need to learn it continuously in some years to be able to do something useful with it.

If some person/company wants to get to the top of technology, C++ is likely to be the answer. This post does not concern about other types of engineering.
If you want to get to the mountain top, learn C++.

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2 thoughts on “4.0 Technology in Vietnam: We may never win.”

  1. I dont agree about AI part. I do think that in AI field, what makes the big move is algorithm, and if algorithm is graph-based type (it is highly likely to happen), TF/other framework can handle it.

    Not comment about other part because it is not my field.

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