5 signs that prove you’re a professional programmer

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– You read software specifications: when your work is deep enough, you’ll realize that tutorials and manuals are for beginners of that field. Working with complex software requires reading though long and detailed specifications.

– You participate in various mailing lists: in general, people who don’t use email properly are low-skilled (especially writing, if you can’t write, it means you can’t produce from your thinking and your thinking is probably wrong). Mailing list is still the way that organizations use to help and communicate with developers. Or at least you should subscribe to some lists that deliver valuable knowledge for you to learn more.

– You work less: when you’re not smart enough for a problem, you only have 1-2 ways to solve it. That easy method often costs you more time sitting in front of a computer. A problem is solved quickly only if someone has come up with multiple solutions and picked the most efficient one. For example: sometimes bad software design forces you to write bad code so you can’t use more bad code to prevent errors, in that case you must validate your design when a problem shows up. And remember to protect your health since much work is never good. Live long to create more technologies.

– You have side projects: it could be your own projects, or other people’s / open-source projects. It confirms that you have ability to work on different software topics. Being a good code writer is not enough to excel in your career. You need to know how to start a project, communicate with other developers, make plans, control project scope, etc.

– You name your own title: don’t fear programmers from other companies, they may just sit there and write code like monkeys in the jungle. Companies tend to give employees those titles such as Expert, Leader, … mostly to make them proud so they’ll work more. You must understand your values and keep building so they would fear your name. The professional one should be strong enough to lead other people. Prove your knowledge beyond code and help the others to advance. Trust yourself and develop your own career as much as possible.


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